Ghana’s zip code 00233: All you need to know about Ghana’s zip code

Since I didn’t know Ghana’s zip code, I created one.

Have you used Ghana’s zip code 00233 before?

I have used it for years for ignorance sake.

My bad.

Little did I know that so-called Ghana’s zip code is only improvising the Ghana international area code preceded with 2 zeros.

That is creative anyway!

Since we didn’t have any proper coding system, it became a false-true for many Ghanaians like myself.

Less I forget.

Ghana doesn’t use a zip code system but a postal code system. Zip codes are for Americans and postal codes are for other countries.

A Zonal Improvement Plan or zip code was created when the American postal system was understaffed due to a huge portion of their staff’s involvement in the 2nd world war.

A postal code is a series of numbers letters that are appended to mailing or postal address for the main purpose of sorting out mails. These are the numbers being used by everybody except the united states.

Now that you’re familiar with the fact that Ghana can only have a postal code and not a zip code, we can use the two terms interchangeably to mean the same thing. In fact, Ghana’s zip code and Ghana’s postal code is meant to do the same job.

The use of Ghana’s zip code 00233

Now that the GhanaPostGPS app can provide you with an alphanumeric address with a proper 5 digit Ghana’s zip code, or Ghana Postal code – the Ghana zip code 00233 may not be necessary or fit for purpose.

However, the Ghana zip code 00233 was used for just about anything that required an address which didn’t exist in Ghana.

Ghana’s zip code 00233 became Ghana’s zip code for shopping online, buying digital products such as these and plugins, and filling online forms where a Ghana zip code was required.

This trend was so effective so much so that Ghanaians started creating a regional-base version of Ghana’s zip code 00233.

So for instance, there was an Accra zip code which was 23321.

That is creativity at its best. So fascinating.

That is Ludacris.

All the Accra Ghana zip code 23321 is seeking to do here is pick the suffering Ghana area code – 233 and add what used to be Accra’s regional code – 021. Which auto-magically turned into a 5 digit 23321 code for Accra.

Ghanafo) no no…

I believe this regional trend was repeated across the country if there was the need.

And that was a good thing.

It made it possible to do your online business without using foreign fake names and addresses which is popular with online account creation. This is quite prevalent with PayPal accounts – if you’re in Ghana where PayPal seems very far away.

Let’s talk about some tips on using Ghana’s Postal code or Ghana’s zip code for business. As I have eluded earlier – I will be using the two terms interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Limitation of the Ghana zip code 00233

Upon the successful usage of the Ghana zip code 00233 for many years, there were a number of why a proper Ghana Postal code was needed.

  1. Since the Ghana zip code, 00233 was not formed by Ghana Post who is the presiding authority, this 00233 Ghana’s zip code could only take you so far. The end was in sight.
  2. Since it wasn’t legitimate, it crashed whenever the online vendor of platform run a database search for such an address. Whether in America or other international countries.
  3. Even if it was used as Ghana’s zip code for many years, orders, parcels and packages were still delivered to Ghana Post for onward delivery to customers. You always had to put your telephone number on the address in order to be called to pick up your order.


4  Ghana’s zip code tips every Ghanaian must know

Ghana’s zip code tip #1: Getting to know the new Ghana Postal Code system

Ghanaians now has a new Ghana Postal code which can be created by the GhanaPostGPS app. After several years of using the Ghana zip code 00233 – the government and Ghana Post introduced what is called the GhanaPostGPS app around late 2017.

This makes Ghana’s zip code something of a reality.

An alphanumeric 5 string of code, in addition, is generated as part of the whole address which is fit for purpose.

Let’s dive into how to create your unique digital address in the next tip.

Ghana’s zip code tip #2: Verification of the GhanaPostGPS app

Ghana’s zip code tip #3: Understanding Ghana’s digital addressing system

Ghana’s zip code tip #4: Using Ghana’s Zip/Postal code

When it comes to the usage of Ghana’s zip code or postal code, you only need to know where to put what.

If you’re required to provide an address on an online form, for example, the whole alphanumeric code may be applicable for that purpose.

In the same way, if all it is required of you is to input a postal code or zip code, the first 5 alphanumeric code is what you should use.

It is as simple as that.

Final thoughts:

With the new Ghana Postal code from the GhanaPostGPS app, who knows where it will leave my beloved Ghana’s zip code 00233.

What has been your experience with the 00233 zip code?

Were you ever rejected when you tried to use it somewhere online?

Let us know your thoughts on this very interesting topic.



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