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We are from the same place, we may have the same values and believes, we are drawn
to each other and we trust each other and more importantly we look out for each other.

I know, you want true fulfillment and leave a lasting impact. That;s what self-help and improvement
advice add to a successful leader.


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I know you’re busy, overwhelmed, and bombarded with so much noise.

You need a special dose of:

  • Self-improvement ideas
  • Self-help quotes to inspire YOU
  • Self-improvement advice for business
  • Self-help advice about your business
  • Advice for self-improvement to motivate YOU
  • best advice for self-improvement for leaders
  • Best self help advice ever
  • Self-help advice for entrepreneurs

You are not alone.

Help Me Help You

But, gosh. Could you imagine?

Who is not overwhelmed with the internet and all this online stuff?

We all do.

How can I assure you of relevant, specific and valuable content you can trust,
love and relate to?

Moreover, communicating clearly in the words and language you understand best
can be quite tricky.

My one and only goal will be to solve your most pressing needs and desires satisfactorily.
And that means I need to know more about you.

The main reason I have created this Epic Survey.  For your eyes only.

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I will crave your indulgence to take a few minutes of your time to fill out the survey.

This is very dear to me. But most importantly, helpful to YOU because you will be allowing
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Before I started my blog I was just like you – looking around for self-improvement and
self-help ideas, advice, and inspiration. We’re still looking. And we shall not stop until
we have sufficient information towards its attainment.

As an achiever, leader or an entrepreneur, I know you want to have a voice in such an
overwhelming web while focusing and concentrating on what really matters.

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– Stephen Pressfield” via=”no”]

We’ve all been there!

We have all tried to find the fullest, best and practical sel-help advice for doing things our own
way and winning as well. It’s never been easy.

For many years, Nelson struggled with life. Having to deal with pertinent issues: faith,
health and nurturing most important relationships.

Well, I always tell people, I’m actually not that good or genius as you think.

I’ve done well as an entrepreneur not because I’m smart but I’ve just made so many
mistakes that I’ve figured out what you shouldn’t do.


  • I’ve just read so much.

  • I’ve tested so many things.

  • I’ve failed so many times more than I’ve succeeded.

  • I’ve learned from so many people – especially the best.

  • I’ve committed so many mistakes.

Oh yeah! I have only figured out:

  1. What to do and

  2. What not to do in any given situation.

If you’ve been doing something well over 10years, you will eventually figure it out.


My Goal for this blog:

Nelson J. Tuffour is my name, your virtual friend helping you win, succeed and
make an impact. It is my aim to give you  practical ways, resources and tools to
succeed in all your online endeavors – both work and life.

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you surround yourself with. It’s almost unfair.” via=”no”]


Take time to mess around. Get lost. Wander. You never know where it’s going to lead you.
And that’s why I’ve created this self-help and improvement blog.

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Hey! I see myself in you.

Most especially when I was struggling with everything in my life and had to survive.
I never thought I would get this far but I believed in myself – just like I do in YOU.

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