How to find a Free Domain Name: The only 4 easy ways you need 

They are a good number of people as well as many small businesses in Ghana who still think they should have a free domain name, a free hosting package or even a website probably.

like the good ol’ saying goes ”there is no free lunch”. How to find a free domain name. I’ve been hit by this question a few times. Are there any such free domain name registrars. Yes, there are.

Where to Get a Free Domain Name

There are many websites that advertise free domain names but actually charge for these domains, or better off provide you with a very scrappy subdomain instead such as (

Beware of these websites misleading people here and there on how to get a free domain name, there are some legitimate service-oriented domain name registrars that will give you free or otherwise low-cost domain names.

I have done the heavy lifting for you. I’m going to give you the best free domain name registrars that will give you a free domain name – even in Ghana.  Heads up my local businesses in Ghana, who wants everything for free.

Do you want a free domain name registration only? Here are 4 ways to get a free or almost free domain name a today.


A free domain name #1:  Get a free .com domain with your web hosting

a free domain name - web hosting

Almost everybody wants a professional .com domain name extension. nobody wants weird domain name extension for their website. Hence, the reason URLs are in high demand everywhere.

How my small Ghanaian business friends wish they would get a free .com domain name. It’s just not possible. However, you can get a very good or fair deal signing up for a hosting plan because you’ll be assured of a free .com domain.

The last time I checked – almost all hosting companies have this option whenever you sign up for a hosting package. Bluehost, Hostgator, A2 hosting etc. If you truly want a free .com domain then I advise you buy a hosting package and get to win absolutely for free. thank me later.

For instance, many of the aforementioned web hosting companies, you can buy web hosting starting at a promotional $2.5 dollars per month and $5 per month. This definitely includes a free .com domain if you choose to go that route.

Most packages don’t end there, apart from getting your primary goal of creating a website – you also have the option of creating not less than five professional email accounts with your newly acquired domain name.  Isn’t that amazing. Yes, it is.

I advise and recommend, you start creating your website with your new domain name which is free and set up a number of professional email account as well. Your brand or business will immediately look professional from a web presence point of view.


A free domain name #2: What about a free subdomain from a website builder

a free domain name - sudomains

To all the small businesses out there, you don’t need to buy web hosting because you need a free domain name without hosting.  Did I tell you there was an option to create a website on a tight budget?  Yes, you can. Nothing is impossible, right!

There are many website builders you can try out. It may take you some time to get in tune with one. Of course, there is a learning curve but hey can you complain – you are on a tight budget. less money to spend. your options are limited.

A free website builder may be your best option if you qualify for any of the reason I have spelled out above.

Here you get a free subdomain, example ( another way to create a simple business website when you are on a shoestring budget.

I understand you may not be technically savvy. You hate messing around with tech stuff.  I empathize with you.  No sympathy.  We’ve all been there before.  You are not alone.  

Website builders are a class of software providers that will take away most of the technicalities involved in creating and successfully hosting your website.  

These website builders virtually create a website for you –  they hand you up with the skeleton of a sort and all you have to do is is to Drag and drop your preferred element, write your content and you have a professional business website.

Most of this software from website builders have a simple drag and drop shapes, photos and icon to design your website. This is not very different from creating a powerpoint presentation.

Nonetheless, website builders also have premium packages. This is how they keep the project going and take care of their software.

The only catch here is that you will be limited to the free package until you want more functionalities that is fine you are great to a paid and premium package.

Some of your limitations may be in the number of storage features. The most annoying part may be adverts from the website builder probably running on your website.No worries, after all, it’s free.

Now to the domain name aspect of website builders. These builders would give you a domain name but be assured to of the company name of the website builder on your domain name (, as opposed to just

As I have mentioned already, if you hate anything about website builders, then its either you go for a paid package or better off create your own website and host it. Is that simple? To dare is to do.

There are some quite popular website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly. I am sure of Wix and Weebly but I know Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan.  

You may click here and read a fool comparison on the big 3.  I also have a free guide on how to create a website with Weebly. 


Free domain name #3:  Go for a free  domain name

At, you can register a  domain name completely for free. Free domains for life. That I am sure of. In fact, will let you own this domain name for an unlimited amount of time.

That is quite amazing.  But hey, do you know the meaning of this extension. You may be asking what is this coming from?

This question I cannot answer. The last time I changed you were getting this domain name absolutely for free. Please don’t complain.  I’m sorry.

For your information, also provide you win a free basic web hosting should you want to set up a website with them. They have some good creative bundles.

Let me see here, you get one 1GB  of storage, 5GB of traffic per month and files over 2GB  can be uploaded.

Did I mention you could get a free domain and hosting?

This means that you cannot transfer your free domain name to another web hosting company. I learned there are indications that this can be done in the future for a surcharge. Let’s hope it’s done by the time you are done with this post. I wonder.

Also, remember that you may lose this domain name when the company discontinues the service they are rendering to you.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a simple website and you are not boarded about expanding or scaling, then a  domain name may be right for you.

If you’re looking for a more professional and long-term solution – why not go with a paid hosting plan where you get a .com URL which will be yours forever if you keep on updating and renewing the domain name.  I think that will be a wiser decision, isn’t?


A free domain name #4: Try a free .tk domain name

I just love this .tk free domain name extensions.  I have a friend called TK.  He behaved just like this domain name extension.

Powered by the Freenom company, you’ll be able to register a .tk free domain name for up to a year on their website.

In addition to the .tk domain name extension, you may also have the option to choose a .mi, .ga, .cf and .gq domains extensions available at no cost.

From my research, dot tk is the only provider that provides an actual domain completely for free. 100% free domains. This is actually without any weird subdomain extension. Get a clean website the .tk free domain name extensions.

Another advantage is that you can transfer this domain name to other domain name registrars or web hosting companies to create your website and professional email addresses if they need arises.  Isn’t that cool.

The only caveat here is that dot tk only allows you to have access to this domain for up to a year.  Renewals maybe currently free but I’m sure there’s going to be paid version in the near future.

It may be wiser, safer and more prudent to pay 10 12 or 15 dollars for a .com domain.

If you really care about usability, interactivity and user experience when it comes to customer service and reputation, I would advise and recommend you get a .com for the sake of your visitors.  

The decision is yours anyways. Money can be difficult to come by nowadays. However, if you need something for a temporal project, then I advise you do a .tk and the other free alternatives we’ve talked about earlier.


If I were you, I will go for a free .tk and’s domain names for my project testing purposes, to show a project to clients, and other temporary activities.

Nonetheless, if you’re creating a website for your business, someone’s business or a project that deserves a professional outlook, then I might strongly recommend paying a small fee for a .com domain for that purpose.

It is safer, secure and professional. Doing this fulfills the customer first approach to business. It’s more of thinking of your website as an investment rather than an expenditure.

It is more of looking at your web presence from the cost point of view which is in the future and to worry about the price which is just for one time.

With Bluehost, HostGator and A2 hosting you can get a free domain name, website hosting and a personal email account for around $3 every month. Enjoy it while it lasts.  

Thank me later.

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