How to be Amazon Prime Member: What I wish I knew!

Wondering how to be an Amazon Prime Member? So apparently, by using this service you can choose to receive your Amazon order the next day and only pay $3.99 for shipping.

It is no wonder that 100 million subscribers worldwide think that a Prime subscription is one of the best investments to make.

That is why, whether you have it or not, we will show you some of the most profitable and least known advantages that the North American giant offers to its most prominent users.

And if you are hesitating, you can experience all the benefits during the 30-day free trial that Amazon makes available to you.

Hey, do you know that you can also give an Amazon Prime Membership as a gift to friends and loved ones.

Everything you need to know about this exclusive service is here; all you have to do is to read all the information we've included in this article.

What is Amazon Prime Membership?

Prime time

Amazon Prime is a service of the Amazon online store that emerged in February 2005.

This gives you an exclusive monthly or annual subscription membership and offers its members the possibility of receiving their orders much faster and for free, as well as many other benefits.

Amazon Prime Benefits

1. Free and very Fast Shipping

The wait is over! With Prime, you get 2-day shipping on millions of Amazon products.

By having this service, you can also choose to receive your Amazon order the next day and only pay $3.99 for shipping.

Prime members receive shopping purchases on Sundays. So you can make the most of Amazon's 2-day shipping. Of course, there are other delivery times available for prime members.

2. Unlimited Video Content

Amazon has its service called Amazon Prime Video, in which you will find television series, critically acclaimed movies, anime, documentaries, and children's content.

Unlike other streaming services that you could pay for separately, your Amazon Prime subscription ALREADY INCLUDES Amazon Prime Video.

3. Music

Besides, your Amazon Prime subscription also includes access to over two million songs and 40 hours of music a month without ads.

You can also choose from dozens of stations and playlists.

4. Games

On this platform, you will be able to see streaming of the great stars of eSports and live with approximately 10 million gamer's who come together to talk about what they love the most, yes, video games.

Your Amazon Prime subscription also includes Twitch Prime, which is a channel whose primary use is to stream video games or analysis and gatherings around this market, but it's limited to just that, including talk shows and cooking shows.

5. Savings and Discounts on Products

Once a year, Amazon celebrates Prime Day, a date when it throws the house out the window bringing us incredible prices.

Prime Day is an exclusive celebration for Prime members. During that time, Prime members will be able to take advantage of DEALS worldwide.

What is the Amazon Prime membership fee?

Prime Insider

Starting May 11, 2018, a new member cost of $119 per year was established for an annual Prime membership and $59 per year for an annual Prime Student membership.

For existing Amazon Prime members, they will have an annual payment rate of $ 119, and for Prime Student members, a yearly payment of $59.

Monthly Prime members will continue payment of $12.99 per month. Monthly student members will have an amazon prime payment of $6.49 per month.

How to Get Amazon Prime Account Free?

Prime Trial

It's challenging to get a free account for a long time, but there are several ways to get an Amazon Prime subscription for free without paying anything.

Below we show you the different ways to acquire the Amazon Prime service completely free of charge. They are as follows:

30-day trial: It is as simple as accessing the official website and registering.

You must indicate a credit card to finish the process, although, before the end of the 30 days, you can unsubscribe, and in no case will you pay anything.

60-day trial: If after the first 30 days you decide to unsubscribe, you will get a new option to extend the trial period by 30 more days.

It is an excellent way to analyze all services for more than enough time to help you make a final decision.

Promotions: On certain occasions and due to exclusive offers, some companies offer the Amazon Prime service for free when purchasing any of their products or services.

Multi-accounts: There is no restriction when creating multiple accounts from the same IP, but you will have to create them on behalf of different people (parents, siblings, boyfriends, etc.) and with a valid and different card number each time.

Every time you finish a trial period, you open another account, and that's it.

What if I want the Free Service Forever?

30 days trial

Sure, you are thinking how to get Amazon Prime free forever, right?

Well, let me tell you that, unfortunately, it does not exist, although there is a method that is very close to it.

It's about sharing the same account among several friends or family; it's that easy.

As you probably already know, Amazon allows you to include multiple credit cards and shipping addresses in the same account, something beneficial to take advantage of this method.

Get all your questions about Amazon Prime answered on their help & customer service page.

What is Amazon Prime Video, Music and Photos, etc.?

Prime time

• Amazon Prime Video

Through Prime Video, you have unlimited access to the library of movies and TV shows for free, including Prime Originals content, plus live events.

In addition to a selection of third-party content, Amazon also has its productions.

• Amazon Prime Music

Your Amazon Prime payment also includes access to over two million songs and 40 hours of music a month without ads.

You can also choose from dozens of stations and playlists.

• Amazon Prime Photos

With Amazon Prime, you can store all your photos on a cloud service called Amazon Drive.

From Amazon, they advertise their Prime Photos as a virtual album of all your photos that you can access whenever you want.

• Amazon Prime Reading

With this, you will have access to a wide selection of eBooks that are updated very often.

To enjoy this entire ebook catalog, you can choose one of the Kindle devices on this list or download the free Kindle app available for both iOS and Android.

• Amazon Prime Day

For those of you who aren't Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, there's also Prime Day, Amazon's annual sales festival.

On this day, Prime users have access to exclusive offers. Although not everyone likes it, there is always a chance that you will find something useful at a low cost.

• Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon Prime subscribers can also use the Amazon Pantry service to make the purchase online. This will help you save money and time.

Prime Pantry allows you to buy groceries and household items and ship them together in a pantry box.

Although this box has a $ 6 shipping fee, Prime users can get free shipping if they purchase at least five selected items.

• Amazon Family

Designed for parents or future parents, you can find discounts of up to 15% on diapers and exclusive promotions on other products thanks to Amazon's premium subscription.

Of course, it is necessary to create a profile of the child, which gives rise to receive personalized advice and priority access to offers.

• Amazon Twitch Prime

Are you a video game lover?

Twitch is a channel whose primary use is to transmit streaming video games or analysis and gatherings around this market, but it's limited to just that, including talk shows and cooking shows.

This way, Prime members get ad-free viewing, a free subscription to the Twitch channel, various discounts, and an exclusive Amazon Prime chat badge.

How to get Amazon Prime Free trial code?

To start a free trial code from Amazon Prime your account must have a valid credit card.

Payment methods such as's corporate line of credit, checking accounts, prepaid cards, or gift cards cannot be used.

To get a subscription to a free trial of Amazon Prime:

  1. Visit FREE Prime Trial.
  2. Click on "30-day FREE Prime Trial".
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

NB: Note that you can also give an Amazon Prime Membership as a gift to friends and loved ones.

When you've signed up for the Amazon Prime free trial, you'll have access to FREE two-day shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, and access to the Kindle home loan library.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime?

You can cancel your Amazon Prime subscription in the Prime section in My account.

To do this, follow the steps indicated below:

  1. Go to Set up my Amazon Prime subscription.
  2. Check the renewal date:
  3. If the free trial period has already ended, click End my subscription and benefits.
  4. If you are still in the free trial period, click Don't update and then Deactivate automatic updates.

Important: the process of canceling your Amazon Prime subscription usually takes around two business days to be fully active.

Other bonuses for main members:

Amazon Prime

1. 30-minute early access to Flash Offers

By being a Prime member, you get exclusive offers that save you money.

Besides, you get 30-minute earlier access to daily deals.

This is especially useful to take advantage of, and the Prime Day specials and Black Friday deals from this store.

2. Free Clothing Returns

Sometimes we do not succeed in choosing our sizes, and that is why the American company allows you to return the clothes, yes, under certain conditions stipulated on its website. This applies especially to underwear.

3. 5% refund on the vast majority of Amazon purchases

Another benefit of Amazon Prime is that you can request a special Amazon credit card that allows you to get 5% cashback on your purchases on Amazon.

This way you will save much more money.

4. Free Audiobooks and Podcasts from Audible Channels

Like Prime Reading's free books, this benefit gives you access to dozens of free, long-lasting audiobooks exclusively for Prime members, as well as popular news, produced by Audible, humor, and crime podcasts.

You can sign up for amazing audiobooks on Audible.

Or otherwise, you can give Audible Membership as a gift to your friends and loved ones.

5. Top exclusive fashion brands

Amazon has over 100 fashion brands of its own, some exclusive to Prime members.

Amazon offers you all kinds of clothing: elegant, casual, for events, work, etc.

6. Fully exploit the capabilities of the Amazon assistant, Alexa.

Thanks to the Prime subscription, the Amazon assistant, Alexa, will be able to provide you with all the functionalities for which devices such as the Amazon Echo have been designed.

In addition to searches, you will also access purchases, music, and all the services that Prime can offer you through its assistant.

7. Shared membership

Two adults can create an Amazon Household account regardless of whether they live in the same household to share certain Amazon Prime benefits.

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