Guest blogging

Want To Write For our Blog? … Let’s Start Writing

So Blogging is your thing… right?
Congratulations – That makes you special. You’re blessed.

We can be great partners in grinding and blogging as well. Finding YOU, makes us
somehow special too. I can’t hide it anymore but I’m excited, thrilled and energized
enough allowing you do what you love to do best.

In fact, I’m looking for now-term, long-term, and lifetime blogging partners like you.
As you’re already aware, the blogosphere has its own rules, regulations, and best practices.

As a matter of fact, I take each and every blog post seriously, I spend at least 6 hours
on creating the post, 2-5 hours dedicated to setting up seductive social promotions,
and some good $$$ advertising it. Insane, right?

I know – you know blogging is a serious business.
None of the post-receive partial treatment here and yours must surely not be the first.

Apart from the Free Press- you can always make this your home. The main reason why I ask
that you dedicate to making your post powerful, engaging and special.

Here is a checklist I follow before, during and after the post goes live.

I call it the 10 surefire commandments. Stealing these tactics will make you better than I am.
I mean it. Here we go:

The 10 surefire guest blogging commandments

  1. Thy shall not steal – be original. No copy and pastes. In fact doing that has a name.
    Guess, you know.
  2. Be Tall – must be long-form. A 2000 word count is not a mandatory minimum,
    but you can’t go wrong. It is more attractive to search engines. Hello, Google.
  3. Be the Teacher. Show us. Whenever possible, we want to give actionable advice
    that people can actually follow. The onus lies squarely on you to elaborate, explain
    and give meaning to whatever you have to say. Your thoughts, even though are yours –
    must be backed by relevant data, statistics, and information.
  4. Thy shall not sell. How possible! I thought that was the goal, right. Don’t worry.
    Let’s focus on creating and providing value first.
    areAnd all other things will be given to us by our consumers.
  5. Headline – we use Inbound Writer to help us with topics and headlines, please consult us so that
    we can work together to find the best headline for your article.
  6. Credit – we give you credit at the beginning and end of the post and will link to wherever
    you would like in your bio or site, as well as your preferred social media account.
  7. Images – The header image will be created for you, but if you have images you would like
    to use, or an idea for the image, please let us know. Stock photos can be tricky. Quality is key.
  8. On Links.  Linking to quality blogs, articles, and authorities across the web are inevitable,
    but self-promotion not attractive. Thus, stuffing your post with countless links back to
    your site can be suicidal. Don’t try it.
  9. Editing and finishing touches – We will assist by doing a final edit that helps perfect the
    beginning and end of the post, add in spacing where necessary and links to your accounts
    and sites in the appropriate places.
  10. Thy shall obey the 9 commandments above.


  • Please submit your information and topic choices to us at:

         [email protected]