The Ultimate Guide to Ghana Zip Code and Ghana Postal Code.

So what is the Ghana Zip Code?

Long answer: Sit down and let me explain to you. Blah blah blah.

Short answer: No! Ghana doesn’t have a zip code system.

What about a Ghana Postal Code? Nothing like that existed until 2017. There’s some hope here..

What about a Ghana Code? Please forget about all that.

Nothing of a sort exist.

My friend and comrade if you’re really interested in this Ghana Zip Code, Ghana Postal Code, or Ghana Code saga, then you’re in the right place.

I’m going to give you a proper perspective of this mirage from a “4000 ft – over 4000 word” view into what the Ghana postal code was, is now and what it can be in the future..

This is the Ultimate Guide to the Ghana Zip Code, Ghana Postal Code Ghana Code brouhaha. All you need to feel comfortable in your own skin moving forward.

You look curious , right? Sure, there is good news.

For the many of us who will not read this awesome post but wants some quickie to input into a zip code column of a form. No worries. Here’s to your success. Cheers.

Until the late 2017, where the Ghana postal service in collaboration with the government introduce the GhanaPostGPS– all you could do you was to improvise and auto-magically conjure a 5 string code for wherever you are as your Ghana Postal Code, Ghana Zip Code, or Ghana Code.

I will show you how to create your Ghana Postal Code later in this guide. You can click on that on the table of content if you can’t wait. But if you wait , you can hit gold.

You can see how I’m struggling whether to call it a Ghana Postal Code, Ghana’s Zip Code, or Ghana Code.

Thanks be to God.

Today you can successfully and legitimately create a GhanaPostGPS code as your new and proper Ghana Zip Code, Ghana Postal Code or Ghana Code. Call it whatever you want.

Ghana’s zip code or postal code: Ghana’s digital addressing system in perspective

Ghana Zip Code - GhanaPostGPS

Nana akufo-addo in his quest to formalizing the Ghanaian economy implemented three initiatives which I think is worth noting.

  • checkFirst, the launch of the Ghana card, Ghana’s new national id;
  • checkSecond, the national digital property addressing system which consist of the GhanaPostGPS and 
  • checkThird, the launch of the entire inter-operable electronic platform for the payment of goods and services as well as electronic transfers across the country which will be launched in November this year.  

​​​​That is good news.

No matter where you look at it from.

But hey, Nana is a politician first of all and thus, must be treated as such. Notwithstanding, he has shown the initiative as a leader who means business. Take it or leave it. If every leader had started something like this, then we wouldn’t have been where we’re now. Things would’ve been different by now.

So having the thoughts of his political biases and allegiance at the back of my mind – I will give him the benefit of the doubt and encourage all and sundry to support the immediate implementation of any of these initiatives.

It’s to our own benefit – Mr President is in his 70’s, Never really saw poverty – what else!

Until he see the light and become an African politician who says it and never does it. A no-show politician. Heaven forbid.

This collective campaign to modernise and formalize the Ghanaian economy by establishing an identification system which sits on a digital and property addressing system iIs something every Ghanaian no matter your political colours must embrace.

If it fails as many wants it to, our 2.5 million Ghana cedis is successfully thrown into the air.  However, if it succeeds my future, your future and our future will be brighter and guaranteed.

I pray it succeeds.

I hope you do too.

Who loves to write letters anymore?

So we are no longer writing letters anymore. We are gradually losing our sense of humanity. That personal touch Is gradually becoming a thing of the past.  nobody gives a damn about anybody anymore. the written word on a piece of paper is gradually becoming obsolete.

Good ol’ letter writing is becoming less and less popular these days because of mobile phones, email addresses, and all.

Everything is getting digital. To the extent that you now send digital birthday cards to friends and family.

How absurd.

Nobody really crave the human touch anymore. Many of our goal-setting activities have changed.

My dear country Ghana even after joining a technological bandwagon is still lagging behind when it comes to its addressing system. It’s a pity.

These lapses add up to the reasons why many online platforms such as PayPal is not in Ghana.

But there is hope.

I believe so.

A Ghana Zip Code? No! The history of America’s Zip Code.

Countries like America once decided that they will likely need or a mail delivery system for the foreseeable future and thus, the need for zip codes.

The need for mail addressing system for the purpose of determining property taxes, security and identification and other purposes. Therefore zip codes were born.

Zip codes really means a lot to the American people. Even now with the many technological advancement and improvement.

I thought zip code were like 100 years old in the American culture. In fact, I was wrong. And that is a good thing. The last time I checked, zip codes were only 55 years old.

This system  was first introduced to the American people in and around a very turbulent period in world history. Zip codes was officially implemented in America in 1963, but mail addressing system was actually introduced during the world war 2.

Zip code meaning Zonal Improvement Plan was created when the American postal system was understaffed due to a huge portion of their staff’s involvement in the 2nd world war.

Can you imagine.

Most of their staff – a huge portion went to fight in the war. This very vital state institution was seriously understaffed and needed a more effective and efficient way of delivering postal service to the American people. Therefore, the zip coding system was the answer.

This is innovation and inspirational. I call that technology.

According to the history of zip codes, the system initially consisted of a two digit number: the first denoted the city and the second the states.

However as the need for mail delivery expanded, so did the zip code system.

Since 1963 the American zip codes are determined by a number of factors: the area, the original poster facility, and the local zone.

The first number of the five digit code showed where that address is located. The two following digits in the code determines a smaller region within each geographical area that translates into a central post office facility for that area. The final two digits signifies a local post office of the address. The numbers were intended to make sorting easier for less experienced employees.

If you’re very familiar with the American coding system or u do a lot of online transactions, you will realize that zip codes often have a hyphenated 4 digit number on the back end which is rarely used.

The postal system implemented the three other numbers 20 years later in 1963, as mail volume grew.

What each number means

  • The first digit designates a broad area, which ranges from zero for the Northeast to nine for the far West.
  • The two following digits are the code of a central post office facility in that region.
  • The last two digits designate small post offices or postal zones.

Mr ZIPWikimedia

Six months after the implementation of ZIP codes in 1963, every address in the US had been assigned one.

That is fascinating to know.

I’m stressing this point especially for the government and the institution implementing the Ghanaian digital address system. All you have to do is assign one to every Ghanaian.

People need to be interested though, but making is available is a first step and the right one in that regard. However, there should be massive education and training on how to use these numbers.

Most importantly, these codes must and I preach it must be required and respected in every facet of our daily activities where an addressing system or an order tracking system is required. For example banks, schools, hospitals etc. Name them.

And then the flop of the additional numbers

In 1983, a hyphenated and four-digit code system was implemented and added to some of the ZIP codes. This is what they called the  The ZIP+4 code was implemented when it became difficult to sort mail based only on traditional ZIP codes, but it never caught on with the American people.

My thoughts.

Obviously, the American failed here. So after all they also fail. Don’t worry if you fail my sister, ‘Ama-Ghana’. Failure is part of us. In fact, if you don’t fail, you never succeed. To the implementer’s of the new digital addressing system, forget about the detractors, politicians  and the all knowing critics when you fail in portions of its implementation.

Frequent your failing to the extent that failure doesn’t seem an option anymore. It’s time we make Ghana work.

Back to the history of the American zip code story.

The development of sorting technologies shortly after its implementation made it mostly redundant.

The sixth and seventh numbers delineate a “delivery sector,” which may be an office building, a small geographical area, a few blocks, or a large apartment building.

The last two numbers stand for a delivery segment, which can be as restricted as the floor of an office building or a specific department in a firm.

Though the development of technologies in the past few decades has seriously diminished the amount of snail mail, ZIP codes are still used for many purposes. A myriad of information — such as age, education level, gender, or race — can be gathered about the population living in specific area based on ZIP codes.

The history of the American zip code system I have talked about here was inspired by a blog post by

Who else needs An American zip code.

Ghana Zip Code or not

If you are not an American, living in America or looking to be one, what is the need of a zip code to you. In short, zip codes are for Americans.  Period. You don’t need a zip code if you’re not an American or in America.

From non-American what you’re conversant with is a postal code.

A postal code! What about that animal?

Wait. I’ll tell you about what it is, what it eats and where it sleeps.

What are Postal codes?

These are series of numbers and letters that are appended to mailing or postal address for the main purpose of sorting out mails. These are the numbers being used by everybody except the united states.

In February 2005, about 17 of 19 members of the Universal Postal Union UPU had implemented the postal code system.

Postal codes are generally assigned to geographical areas and special codes are used for individual addresses or institutions that receive large volumes of mail such us government institutions, department, agencies and large commercial companies.

The postal code system make use of the Arabic numerals 0 to 9 letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabets; spaces and hyphens numeric can range from 3-digits to 10-digits and alphabetic range from 6 Digits to 8 digits.

The key difference between postal codes and zip codes

Postal codes are used everywhere except the USA, whiles zip codes are used only in the USA.

Postal codes may also be called postcode in some countries.

The American zip code consist of five digits but postal codes from other countries ranges from 3 to  10  digits.

The key similarities between postal codes and zip codes

Postal codes and zip codes are used for the same purpose, sorting out mails. in fact, postal codes and zip codes are the same. They do the same job for lack of a better word.

The dilemma of the Ghanaian online shopper

Ghana zip code - online shopping

After working online for quite some time – almost a decade, I can relate with frustrated Ghanaian online shoppers, business men and women who struggle everyday when do you have to pay something online.

I thought that your ability to pay gave you a higher purchasing power and not your geographical area. Isn’t that sad?  Yes it is. I know that for sure.

But hey, if online and e-commerce shops cannot find you it’s difficult for them to see you as a human being. You virtually don’t exist. So they ignore you.

Of course, some US shops may require a zip code to do transaction especially for shipping purposes. There are some who will not accept your postal address (the old P. O. Box 1234) for online transaction.

Honestly not only Ghana and many other countries are suffering from this same problem. This is obviously an opportunity for entrepreneurs to come up with ideas to help solve these problems.

These are what I call the low hanging fruits.

Ghanaian’s have been creative most of the time by adding a couple of zeros to Ghana’s international telephone code 233. Therefore, 00233 zip code came to be. This was what I used mostly when I was asked for a Ghana zip code.

I equally used the old post office box address when I needed a Ghana postal code. Mine had a 4 digit number so I began it with a zero and then added the 4 digit number.

If you are lucky and a system does not run a database check for the Ghana zip code legitimacy, then you’re good to go. However, if it does. I’m sorry you are doomed. Your transaction will not go through.

For a far more better explanation, Ghana doesn’t even have a postal code. The popular P. O. Box 1234,  Accra or Kumasi cannot be regarded as a postal code.  We were proud to call it postal code because it’s all we had by then.

What is the solution to this you may be asking. The solution is to take action. That is why I am all for the digital property addressing system.

It’s not perfect. It may not be nice. It may not be from your party but it is fit for purpose. Love it or hate it. Yes, we need it. I’m sorry if you hate it.

You probably hit me too right?

Don’t worry, I hate me too.

All Ghanaian’s need is a Ghana Postal Code.

Ghana zip code - Ghana Postal code

If the improvised Ghana 00233 was never sexy and attractive to you, then you’re in luck. Feel free and take the last four digit off GhanaPostGPS digital address.

It works.

This is good news to web designer who want to buy hosting packages, domain names, themes or favourite plugins, online shoppers and internet marketers.

In fact that is our new Ghana Postal Code – call it a Ghana Zip Code or Ghana Code. Who cares what you choose to call it. All I need is a completed transaction as a satisfied customer and a proud Ghanaian.  That’s all I need.  A new Ghana Code. Simple.

So what exactly is the Ghana Digital and Property System all about?

Ghana Zip Code - GhanaPostGPS

This system  is expected to make it easier for Ghanaian’s to find locations, addresses and properties and also most emergency service delivery across the country.

First: What is GhanaPostGPS then?

Ghana Zip code - GhanapostGPSapp

According to the GhanaPostGPS website: GhanaPostGPS is Ghana’s official digital property addressing system which covers every inch of the country and ensures that all locations in the country are addressed. With GhanaPostGPS, every location has a unique digital address.”

Basically Ghanapostgps as an app developed for Ghana post to champion a cause off giving very Ghanaian a digital mobile application on your phone.

GhanaPostGPS according to the Vice President Dr. Bawumia; is a part or a portion of the big digital and property addressing system which will be rolled out from time to time arrived. He mentioned that it consist of a street naming property identification, land ownership tracking, and a whole lot.

How do I create my own Ghana Postal Code, Ghana Zip Code or Ghana Code.

Ghana zip code - create postal code

The cruz of the matter is that Ghana can only have Ghana Postal Code system and not a Ghana Zip Code system.


Thanks for your question.

This is because zip code system only exist in America. So any online form with a column to provide a zip code is presuming you’re from the united states of America. Simple.

However, every other country may have a dedicated system called a Postal code or postcode system.

Since it is the primary duty of the presiding authority and for that matter Ghana Postal Service to furnish Ghanaian’s with this postal code system, we only have to look up to them.

Fortunately, the government and and Ghana post in the late 2017 rolled out a GhanaPost GPS app which will be suitable for our purpose today.

To think of it, since the postal code system is mimicking the American zip code system, you’ll need a 5 digit postal code to create your own version of Ghana Postal Code or call it Ghana Zip Code if you like.

So you can wait for the real deal, right? Ok. Follow these steps for a Ghana Postal Code now!

The best way to walk you through this application is to show you.

Ghana Postal Code step 1: Download and Install the GhanaPostGPS App

You can download the GhanaPostGPS App for Android here. Download the GhanaPostGPS App for IOS here for same.

Ghana Postal Code step 2: Verify your phone number an SMS code on the GhanaPostGPS App

Ghana Postal Code step 3: Understanding Ghana’s Digital Addressing System

I believe you finally have a 5 string alphanumeric code as your Ghana Postal Code or Ghana Zip Code. I prefer to call it a Ghana Code instead.

Let’s hear it from the horse’s’ own mouth. This is what Ghana Post says about the Ghana Postal Code or Ghana Zip Code on their website.

What does my Digital Address represent?


The address above is for the Kumasi Main Post Office. In a deconstructed form, AK-039 is the postal code for the area, A refers to the region of the location (Ashanti Region), while K refers to the district (Kumasi District), 5028 is the unique address within the postal code. The Postal Code and the Unique Address come together to form the unique digital address.

Now that you have created your Ghana Postal Code or Ghana Zip Code – consisting of your specific areas, then the next three digits as your unique address, you’re now a champion.


Enjoy your new Ghana Postal Code for your online business, payments and transactions. You’re inspired, right?

Benefits of a digital and property addressing system

In a news article, Mr Kwesi Boateng Adjei, a Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development (MLG&RD) mention that the government would develop a Home-grown Digital Mapping of property to promote the National Digital Property Addressing System (NDPAS) and Street Naming system.

The NDPAS will also be used to promote the digital mapping of parcels of land across the country for easy navigation and relevant spatial data for effective service delivery.”

Who else but the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) says driving licence applicants will now be required to provide their digital addresses as part of the application process.

Chief’s, landlords and land guards are doomed.


Reason being that every landed property will be assigned a unique identifier. This will facilitate improved ownership data and unique identification of properties owners and persons.

A digital registration of all properties in the country would lead to a lower cost of doing business because if an address can be located banks will not charge high risk premium on your credit, products and facilities.

Production cost for many businesses would be reduced and more money re-invested in today’s businesses thereby creating more jobs for the youth

The police and other law enforcement agencies can now people and properties easily in order to deal with crime and other related cases.

Fire health and ambulance services can now identify directions to people and properties much more easily in order to save lies.

How does this Ghana Postal Code System fail?

This Ghana Postal code system will fail when Ghana fails. Period.

Ghana zip code - FAQ

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the Ghana Postal Code, Ghana Zip Code, or Ghana Code

Click on any of the questions below to find possible answers to these frequently asked questions:


What is the postal code for Ghana?

The new Ghana Postal Code is the first 5 alphanumeric code you get from the GhanaPstGPS App.


What is Ghana zip code?

Nothing of that sought exit. Until 2017 where the GhanaPstGPS App never existed, you could use any 5 digit number or code as your Ghana zip code. Most Ghanaian’s used the 00233 zip code which is a combination of zero’s and Ghana’s telephone area code.


What is Ghana zip code 23321?

That is creativity at it’s best.

First of all there is nothing like a Ghana zip code. This code number is supposed to be Accra’s zip code. That is quite funny. However, we can and now have a Ghana Postal code.

Second, the number or code 23321 – if I understand it is an improvisation of the popularly known 00233 which was even not legitimate and right. Now let’s break that down. Accra used to have 021 as it’s regional area code as Kumasi had 051, Just like all the other regions.

So 23321 may be a creative way of saying Accra zip code. That is ludacris. Now that the old 021, 051 etc. don’t exist anymore, how does that pun out.


What is Accra Ghana zip code?

First of all there is nothing like a Ghana zip code. If you looking for Accra’s zip code. That is quite funny. However, we can and now have a Ghana Postal code and for that matter Accra Postal code.

If you’re in Accra, you can use the GhanaPstGPS App to create your new digital address wherever you are.

If you’re not in Accra, then I’m thinking you’re in search of someone’s address. It is as simple as finding out from them. They may have created one already. An Accra digital address or postal code looks like this:GA – XXX – 1234


What is Kumasi Postal code?

A Kumasi postal code can be created with the new GhanaPstGPS App. from Ghana Postal services. Anyone, anywhere in Kumasi can create a digital address or Kumasi postal code which is the first two alphabets and next three numbers of the digital address provided by the GhanaPstGPS App.

Kumasi Postal code look like this:AK – XXX – 1234


Difference between a Ghana postal code and Ghana Area code?

Ghana’s telephone area code is 233. This has been in existence for quite some time. Because it is widely used, many Ghanaian\s used it as the so-called Ghana zip code or Ghana postal code. All one had to do was to begin this 3 digit with two zeros and BOOM – you have a Ghana zip code. However, the new Ghana postal code is legitimate and can be uniquely created today on any smartphone.

Send any question you want answered on the Ghana Postal Code, Ghana Zip Code, or Ghana Code.and i will do my best to make you happy. At your service.

Send any question you want answered on the Ghana Postal Code, Ghana Zip Code, or Ghana Code.and i will do my best to make you happy. At your service.


Your turn.

So what do you think about the new digital property addressing system, Ghana Post GPS, Ghana Postal Code, Ghana Zip Code, or Ghana Code.

Have you created your Ghana Post code already?

Have you used it before?

Are you enjoying it?

Let us know about it.

Share your thoughts on all this brouhaha.

Remember your comment is my fuel.

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