The Best Guide on Ghana Postal Code System.

Is there a difference between Ghana’s zip code and Ghana postal code?

Does the two have any similarities?

What is Ghana’s Postal code?

These and many other similar questions are being asked by Ghanaians. Let’s dive in and make some sense out of this confusion.

Ghana Postal code as the name suggests should be a product of the Ghana Post company. Since Ghana post is the prescribed authority to provide Ghanaians with a Postal code, why not look up to them for help.

After many years now, when online shopping, internet marketing and online businesses became part of the world economy – Ghanaians have always improvised when it came to billing addresses and mailing addresses, postal codes and zip codes.

First, let’s set some records straight here about the similarities, differences and use of zip codes and Postal codes.

All Ghanaians have ever had from the Ghana Post is the post office box address – P. O. Box 1234. This is an address located at various Post offices across Ghana.

So over the years, one had to go to the Post office to post or receive mails, parcels and packages. Until international home delivery companies like DHL, EMS, UPS etc came around. Even with them, you still have to go to their offices for your package most of the time.

For lack of a proper addressing system – Ghana was lagging behind.

A sad commentary, to say the least.

So unfortunately for most Ghanaians, many online vendors who had a proper zip code or postal code system rejected the old post office box address. Reason being that its reach and usage was limited and unreliable.

If you’re lucky and your transaction goes through, then I say congratulations!

This and many other reasons are why online payment portals such as PayPal doesn’t deem it fit to work with Ghana – notwithstanding all the petitions.

It was only lately that I heard Dr. Bawumia, the Vice President of Ghana have been able to broker a deal with PayPal which may allow PayPal to come to Ghana.

But  hey, according to sources we’re looking at timeline in and around the year 2020. Well, I can’t wait.

The history of the zip code in America and postal codes in other countries had a 5 digit code. And so most online forms rejects anything apart from a 5 alphanumeric code. Some even run a database check to verify its legitimacy.

What else could we do?

Creative Ghanaians who needed specific products and services started creating an improvised Ghana Postal code, Ghana zip code and so on.

And that was a good thing.

But there was a problem.

Since the old post office box address had only four digits until new ones with more digits surfaced, it was still inefficient for this purpose.

Then the creativity started!

If the post office box address is rejected, what else was available?

So the Ghana international area code was to our rescue.

Ghana’s area code – 233 was the only option now. However, it only had three digits. Forget it.

All you could do to get the 5 digit Ghana postal code or Ghana zip code was to precede the international telephone code 233 with a couple of zeros.

Welcome to the new world. The much acclaimed Ghana Postal code – 00233.

Most Ghanaians like myself have used this sexy 00233 code that it is falsely legitimized as the Ghana Postal code for so many years.

Little did we know.

What else could we do, the presiding authority was incompetent enough to give us a proper Ghana Postal code for online transactions.

Thanks b to God. It all ended around late 2017 – by kind courtesy of the “I’m in a hurry” Nana Addo government.

In the President, Nana Akuffo Addo ‘s quest to formalize and transform the Ghanaian economy charged the Vice President Dr. Bawumia who superintended over a controversial 2.5million Ghana cedis GhanaPostGPS app which is believed to be part of an integrated digital addressing system for Ghana.

People call it the Google Map GPS. Simply because it is mimicking and actually using the Google Map API to digitally assign unique addresses to people everywhere in Ghana.

It’s funny when some people say they knew about the Google Map’s functionality but never used it or recommended it.

Eeii Ghanafo)…

Google map or whatever, all you need is a Ghana Postal code that can be recognized, identified and tracked.

Shut up, use it and stop this too-known attitude you have towards anything technology. If you claim to be technologist – you wouldn’t talk too much because technology has never been new.

It is revised, rinsed and repeated over and over again.

That is why it is called innovation. It is discovered.

Why pay millions of dollars to re-wire the whole country when a multi-national company like Google has done that judiciously.

Cheers to people who take action. I doff my heart to people who make things happen. They’re a rare breed.

Enough of the wahala.

Now Ghana Post in conjunction with the government has provided all with a proper Ghana Postal code.


How do you create your Ghana postal code from the digital addressing system

How do you create your Ghana Postal Code?

What do you put into an online form as your Ghana zip code?

I am going to answer these questions as tips on how to use the GhanaPostGPS app to create your Ghana Postal code.

Ghana Postal step #1: Download and Install the GhanaPostGPS app

Ghana Postal step #2: Verify your digital address with your phone number

Ghana Postal step #3: Understanding the digital addressing system

Your turn:

What has been your experience with the Ghana Postal code?

Do you think it will serve the purpose for which it was created?

What do you think can be added to make it better?

Share you thoughts with us in the comments area below. Let us hear from you. Yes YOU!

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