Amazon GH: Ultimate Guide to Buying from Amazon in Ghana

Is Amazon in Ghana? I don't really know.

Does Amazon ship to Ghana? We'll get to know about that here today.

The Ghanaian I know never gives up.

The Ghanaian I know never settle for less.

We always want the best. How I wish we could do our best in all that we do.

We can also be the best too. It's never beyond us.

Online marketers, shoppers and e-commerce enthusiast who buy online from Ghana can’t stop but complain vehemently about popular online platforms ignoring “Ama Ghana”.

  • check
    PayPal is messing around.
  • check
    Amazon will not ship to Ghana.
  • check
    Ebay nso saa.

Who else is ignoring GOD?

Like Christ told the Samaritan woman at the well, “If you knew who has asked you for water, you would’ve given him all you have.”

Little do they know what Ghanaians can do.

Yes, Ghanaians may not walk on water but they’re some awesome people who can do magic.

Certainly,  there are many reasons why these global brands ignore developing countries like Ghana. It’s not an interesting topic. And I will not bore you with unnecessary info.

No, let me eat my words and bore you a little.

Economically, is not very prudent to risk entering into a developing nation.

Security-wise it is risky.

Politically it is unfavorable

And online fraud seems wired in the minds of many people.

Taxation issues.

Poor addressing system.

Name them.

Amazon doesn’t ship to countries with trade embargoes.

No serious multinational company will mess around with unorganized people.

It's a waste of time.

The money isn't that good either.

Amazon GH: Is there an Amazon agent in Ghana?

Amazon Ghana agent

None I can think of.

Maybe ME.

I have been doing business on Amazon for a while now. Until I got broke.

So let me tell you a little weird story about my humble self.

First of all, I hate social constraints. Nobody will determine how and what I enjoy or choose to enjoy.

I do my own thing. I will not allow my geographical area to determine what I want to buy or where I'm buying from - online or offline.

That is baloney.

For your information, I've got a PayPal account, I buy and sell on Amazon, and I will do anything - anybody elsewhere can do.

If you stop me - I will crack it.

Forgive my rattling. Call me the Amazon agent in Ghana.

So whats up today….. Is Amazon in Ghana?

My joy today is that Amazon is in Ghana now.  Call it Amazon GH. Amazon US actually.

This might not be good news to you. It is to me and to many people who do a lot of online shopping or buy online from Ghana.

Around the 14th of January 2018, I wanted to glance through my wishlist's and fantasize about what I had in there. I normally do this for visualization purposes - thus, in case I get some stress-free money bi a, I can do some online shopping.

So I logged in to my Amazon account and then BOOM!.

“This item ships to Ghana. Learn more”

I can ship from the US to Ghana at long last!


Amazon in Ghana

When you shop online for Electronics, Apparel, Books, Computers & more, Amazon then ships your products internationally with AmazonGlobal.

Available product lines, shipping rates, and fees vary depending on the delivery address for your order.

Amazon in Ghana tip#1: Explore AmazonGlobal extensively.
So what is AmazonGlobal?

Amazon in Ghana

Amazon runs a special International Shipping site where about 100 countries are given special treatment. This is called AmazonGlobal and it features all the products on the Amazon USA website that they will ship internationally.

AmazonGlobal will even calculate any duties or taxes as well as customs clearance that are involved with your purchase so you pay for them upfront which speeds up your delivery.

Using AmazonGlobal also means you stop or don’t add items that can’t ship to your country to your cart.

So you must be sure of products which are not eligible for shipping by Amazon to Ghana. Amazon in Ghana doesn’t mean everything in the Amazon product catalog will ship to Ghana.

The majority of items in Amazon's product catalog can be shipped to about 100 countries now from the previous 75. You can take a look at the eligible countries here: Help: AmazonGlobal Export Countries

You can also download the Amazon Shopping App on your mobile phone to enjoy international shopping on AmazonGlobal.

Amazon in Ghana tip#2: Amazon delivery to Ghana

How to ship from Amazon US to Ghana - the old way!
This is what used to happen. This was the trick most of us used.

You could do this in a number of ways:

First, you either find a seller who ships his or her item to international buyers. No worries if you don’t understand the Amazon business model very well, I will help you.

Second, if you had an internationally acceptable debit/prepaid or credit card you could make payment for the item. Use a legitimate US mailing address from a forwarding company such as Viabox and Amazon will deliver your order to this address.

Then your order will be further forwarded to your Ghanaian address. That is what is called a freight forwarding company for shipping.

Or otherwise;

You can ship the items to that individual (family or friend) who will then send or ship the item to you in Ghana.

Third, like I've elaborated earlier, you may need a freight forwarder. If you are shopping on Amazon USA, you may need to find a Ghana forwarder shipping agent in the USA, input their warehouse address when you place your order on Amazon.

You can pay the shipping fee as well as customs fee if necessary on the forwarder shipping website, about half a month you may receive the package you bought on Amazon.

Some amazing Amazon GH hacks there.

Amazon in Ghana tip#3: Expect to pay double for your trouble

Expect to pay about double to cover Customs and Import Fees
This is sweet and bitter too. What else can you do?

You’re even lucky your order was processed and shipped.

The sweetest part of receiving your shipment from overseas is when the Ghana Post guy calls you that your shipment is ready for pickup.

The saddest part is when the Customs old man sitting on the other side of the room waiting to determine the fate of your shipment.

 I hate it when I have to lie about the real prices of my shipment to avoid those outrageous import duties.

That is a sad sight to behold. I normally lose hope in my Ghana.

All this unemployment and poverty.

As a young man, I sweat to buy a few items to flip here and there to make some small profit and I’m virtually robbed of this opportunity.

I would rather pay those huge import duties with my shipment from source. Rather than heckled around to cough out magical sums by Customs officials.

Amazon in ghana

So since AmazonGlobal is handling shipping on your behalf an estimated import fee is deposited for this purpose. It quite high but what else can you do.

I’m assured it is going to the state's coffers.

I’m not assured of that from the customs man.

Amazon in Ghana tip#4: Amazon GH experience

Your Options when buying from Amazon to Ghana
There are so many hidden features and benefits - there’s a good chance you may not be able to exploit all the little tips and tricks involved.

What to consider when buying from

Before adding to your Amazon GH cart, check these out:

  • Product photos
  • Product name, price, and quality
  • Product description.
  • Purchasing options
  • Read Product Reviews

The best way to show you the ins and outs of the Amazon GH experience is to take you by the hand and walk you through the marketplace.

This is quite overwhelming but I will take you to Canaan.

I'm Moses. Sorry, Joshua.


Amazon GH step#1: Create Account and add items to your Wish List

So I've been fantasizing and dreaming about this JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black.

For over a year now. I just don’t have the money to buy now.

I usually look at it, pray over it and say some affirmative words over it. Certainly, one day my visualization will materialize and then my dream will become a reality.

amazon in Ghana

The only thing I have done before this is login into my account and add my product to my wish list.

To create an Amazon GH account, you need:

  1. An email address
  2. A dangerous password. Yes, it should be, because your money is in there.
  3. A prepaid/debit card to link to your Amazon GH account for payments.
Amazon in Ghana

Go to on your browser.

First, click on the Account & Lists tab to sign-in with your email address and password.

Second, hover your mouse over this same tab to show the drop-down list to sign-up as a New Member.

You’re presented with this signup form below to complete and start shopping.

Amazon in Ghana - signup

If your email address is confirmed, you can now login and enjoy your Amazon GH shopping experience.


Your account is created. You can start adding items to your shopping cart and wish list.

Amazon GH step#2: Add product to your Shopping Cart

When you’re satisfied with the product by considering the above-mentioned checklist then you can proceed to add to your shopping cart.

Now you’ve added the product to your shopping cart.

Amazon in Ghana - add to cart

Why not view the products in your shopping cart to make sure you’re not paying for anything you’re not prepared for now.

Taking into consideration that even though Amazon will ship to Ghana, you cannot just buy anything. The size really count.

If you’re satisfied with your products, you can now proceed to checkout.

amazon in Ghana - proceed to checkout

Amazon GH step#3: Select a Shipping Address

You may add your shipping address during the signup process. Remember to add your Ghanaian address if you want to ship to Ghana.

Amazon in Ghana - address

Make use of your GhanaPostGPS digital address here if you’re shipping directly to Ghana. Otherwise, add the US mailing address given to you by the forwarding company.

I strongly believe the new digital addressing system is one of the reasons Amazon is now shipping to Ghana. That is what forward-looking policies can do to you.

It may not be the best thing that ever happened to Ghana. It may be full of flaws. However, it is opening doors for us. It cannot get worse but only get better.

Let’s support these policies especially the youth.

You can also add a new address from the form under your address on file. Maybe you would want to send a gift you bought straight to a family, friend or loved one’s address.

There’s that option too.

Amazon GH step#4: Checkout with a Prepaid/Debit Card

Amazon in Ghana - Payment options

There are several Ghanaian banks that will provide you with a prepaid or debit card.

The benefit of a prepaid/debit card is that it is not linked to your main account if you have one with the bank.

A prepaid/debit is an independent from your regular ATM card meant primarily for online purchases and payments.

I have used UBA’s Africard successfully for some time now for several transactions.

It is linked to my PayPal account and other online payment portals.

I use it to buy information products directly at checkout and it is doing fine.

“Always ASK whether there is the online banking or portal option to your preferred card. This will mean you can login and see your statements (payments and withdrawals) Amazon like any other platform that deals with payment will deposit two little amounts in your prepaid/debit card account. “

When your Amazon GH account is charged, you can be assured that your order is in an Amazon van herding to your address.

More Payment Options

There is an option to use the other payment option like the image below shows.

Amazon in Ghana - more payment options

There are options to use these payment options as well:

  • check
    Gift Cards & Promotional Codes
  • check Store Card
  • check
    Add a bank account

Finally, when your payment is done - your order is placed. The rest of the details are mere formalities.

Amazon in Ghana - Shipment and Payment

Choose your Shipping Options

amazon in Ghana - shipment
Amazon in Ghana - shipping options

Buying on online markets is getting easier by the day.

What people really worry about is shipment and its associated delivery.

That is the problem.

On the Amazon side of things, this is quite a breeze. All you have to do is;

  • check
    Add a verifiable address
  • check
    Choose your shipping option
  • check
    Place your order

Our new Amazon GH account should be able to do same for us. However, shipping cost and delivery remain our biggest nemesis.

So what can we do then?

First, you see we’ve our new digital address which is traceable. A US-based forwarding address is also made available to us.

Our options are limitless.

If the shipment is not able to go through directly to Ghana because of the size or any other unforeseen reason, we fall on the forwarding or mailing address.

In the image above, the forwarding US address has been used to place this order.

Second, you can choose a delivery option to your preference and budget. Obviously, if you’re an Amazon Prime member which mean you pay about S100 for FREE Unlimited 2days shipping, then your order will be delivered to the address within the said period of time.

Remember Amazon Prime is for Us citizens but you are eligible by virtue of your legitimate US address and phone number if only you have.

You can then trace and forward your order from the forwarding company through a shipping company to Ghana at a fee.

I’ve done this several times.

Amazon in Ghana: Frequently Asked Questions

Ghana zip code - FAQ

Please click on the questions below to reveal the answers.

Does Amazon ship to Ghana?

Does amazon deliver to Ghana?

Send your questions through the comments and they will be answered to your satisfaction. thank you.


Amazon may be shipping to Ghana now but that's not all to be excited about. Things should even be better.

I look forward to see every product in Amazon's catalog shipped directly to Ghana and not just a few small-sized products.

Your turn....

What has been your experience with online shopping marketplaces. Do you have any frustrations? Do you have any tricks, tips or hacks share?

We want to hear from You! Yes you!

Write your comments in the comments area and let's take online business in Ghana to a different level.  


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      Just like some people want me to add info about the courier services, shipping and charges.
      Really appreciate your concern. Maybe I need to write in chunks instead.
      Cheers, my brother.

  • Thanks a lot for the article bro. So I’ve just started looking into online shopping and I need some clarification. I’ve ordered a few things from Amazon and AliExpress, and all I’m waiting for is delivery. I used a P.O. Box address which both amazon and AliExpress accepted but as the goods are not in I’m not sure if they’ll actually arrive at said address. Should I be worried? Ps: I used 00233 as the postal code

    • No worries Abdallah.
      Using your (P. O. Box) address will work fine.
      The Parcel office will call you in if there was a phone number attached to your order or
      otherwise, the main post office will call you to pick it up if it is sent as a gift.
      Remember, you’ll be paying customs fees if the parcel office calls you.
      If there was no phone number attached, they will leave a parcel note in your
      letterbox to alert you of your order.
      Please check your box for frequently.
      Thank you.

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